Christmas Charity for Ukrainian children

As Christmas approaches, we would like to organize again a charity to spread the warmness and Christmas spirit to help the most innocent people in every war: the children. Specifically, we would like to organize Christmas presents for the kids who lost parents in the war and humanitarian help for children who were displaced from the hardest-hit eastern regions of Ukraine.

We would like to invite all people to help us provide some aid for these children by donating money. The money will be transferred to my friend Anastasiia Koval who is a member of National Scout Organization of Ukraine which under war circumstance organizes humanitarian help for people affected by war.

Please consider that a comparably small amount of money can have huge impact on the lives of children in need and bring a little bit more kindness to this world!

Donation information:

Name: Anastasiia Koval

Purpose: Christmas Charity

Bank: KBC BANK NV, Brussels, Belgium

IBAN – EUR: UA323253650000026205021217740

Swift code : WUCBUA2X