MOF pore chemistry

In a recent contribution of Zhe Ji, Haoze Wang, Stefano Canossa, Omar M. Yaghi and us we developed the concept of MOF pore chemistry with an emphasis on the precise positioning of functionalities. Depending on whether there is an interplay between functionalities, we define three functionalization strategies: site isolation, site coupling, and site cooperation. By highlighting the importance of the last two strategies, we would like to shift the attention of the community from the largely explored site isolation and encourage researchers to explore coupling and cooperative behaviors of functionalities, thereby fully taking advantage of the molecular definitiveness of MOF structures. We furthered our discussion on applications by using a physical perspective to describe the fundamental science problems arising from each application and present how site isolation, site coupling, and site cooperation can be used to address these challenges. Last but not least, we end this review with an outlook about writing and reading functionality sequences in MOF pores (see Figure below).