Talk: Plenty of Room at the Top

The maturation of synthetic methodologies over the past century has transformed chemistry from a largely empirical to a rational science. Following this golden era of chemical synthesis, any thermodynamically stable molecule can be synthesized given enough resources and time. At this point in time, an apparent lack of major challenges in the field has been proclaimed, with many stating that all major challenges of synthetic chemistry have been solved.

In material chemistry the control on the molecular and nano-levels has led to the impactful field of nanotechnology, the distinction of matter into molecular, nano, and extended solids. In contrast, building macroscopic structures while still maintaining the atomic precision at the heart of chemical synthesis has received little to no attention.

In our talk, 

Tue, Oct 20, 2020 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM CEST

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we wish to inspire researchers by reflecting different aspects of reticular chemistry and how this chemistry could be used to close the hug ′design cap′ between the macroscopic world of visible objects and the microscopic world of molecules. The unique prospect of reticular chemistry and the opportunities it presents in controlling the position and spatial arrangement of functionalities along the framework and to develop solids with a high ′functional material economy′ will be elaborated. Further, we wish to raise awareness on the importance of reticular materials′ morphology on their functional properties, and ultimately shift the attention from crystal structures towards their macroscopic characteristics.